Shogun by James Clavell


I just read a very famous book. Some of you may know it, especially the
older generations. The book is called Shogun by James Clavell. He wrote a series of novels relating to oriental culture, focusing on Japan. James Clavell died in 1994, but his novels became classics and were adapted to TV shows and movies later on.

Shogun is about John Blackthorn, a ship’s pilot from England who end up the Japan in the 1500’s. Throughout the story he becomes one the main advisors to the future Shogun of Japan, the ruler/dictator. The book has action, samurai culture, a fair amount of political strategy, and a love story on the side (not too much so it doesn’t spoil the whole novel).

I could surely assume the movie The Last Samurai is based on this novel. The plots are very similar.

If you enjoy japanese culture, all that talk about discipline, honor, swords, samurai, etc… then you’re gonna love the book. Very easy read. Worth a while. The only contra is the length of it, close to 1500 pages.

I liked it and I am eager to read his other famous one, The Noble House.

Mr. George

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