About Miss Charlotte

Miss Charlotte is the one person who made possible the creation of Books n’About and without her I, Mr. George, would be an nonexistent being.

Thus, for the sake of our literary passion, let´s imagine Miss Charlotte as a fictional character in a truly amazing epic novel. I will hence describe her bio, always keeping her true nature alive.

Miss Charlotte is highborn, meaning she grew up in a royal court. A very fancy and beautiful court, filled with ladies and gentlemen walking around to fulfill their royal duties. Miss Charlotte, however, easily distinguished herself among all other women, for she was taller, smarter, and prettier. For some time people referred to her as The Duchess Charlotte, but she decided Miss Charlotte was more appropriate, not to attract too much attention.

Miss Charlotte is always well dressed and with a posture that never fails her. Besides the fact that she is a lady of the court, she is also real true lady from within. In that classy attitude, she walks around with beautiful long dark dresses, that whenever you encounter her in the halls, you feel a bit astonished. Even in the casual days Miss Charlotte likes her leather boots and matching jacket. But don´t be mistaken, she is modest and discreet to a fault.

Now we get to the very interesting stuff about Miss Charlotte, her personality, which is very hard to describe because it´s a very intricate one. Her face reveals her fierceness; strong nose, dark hair and perfect smile. On the other side, her hands and gestures show gentleness and kindness. You really get confused with her sometimes. She always knows what´s good from bad, and right from wrong. And although she is not brusque in her assertions, she always ends up trailing the correct path. Miss Charlotte´s patience is also very admirable. She can endure hardships for months on, with a proud quietness, patiently waiting, all in order for the right moment to show her strengths. I could say she would be a very talented poker player. Miss Charlotte´s heart feels pure and gentle to whoever engages her. But don´t confuse the pureness with weakness, she is smart as a fox and can manipulate anyone to help her accomplish her objectives. A remarkable lady indeed. The Duchess Charlotte.

Miss Charlotte would be a perfect date for Batman, or even Sherlock Holmes (the original version, not the Hollywood one). She can easily handle a strong and determined man with such perfect sprezzatura, that he would never notice what hit him. Fortunately, she´s mine with all her glory.

Mr. George

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