About Miss Charlotte’ Sculpture

To continue our personal epic novel, here’s a new chapter. A very special one. 

I decided a couple of days ago to commend a sculpture of the glorious Miss Charlotte to a dear friend of mine, and not coincidentally, the best craftsman of our century. He prefers to remain anonymous. 

The reason I took such a decision may vary, but primarily it’s because Miss Charlotte, as my muse, deserves to have her beauty eternalized. I also believe that nowadays the only sort of sculpture we admire are of the ancient sort: Romans, Greeks, a bit of Renaissance and such. My standard of beauty is different, and it’s new, and it’s better. My standard of beauty has an unparalleled benchmark: Miss Charlotte. So it’s about time for an upgrade. 

I am very aware that I have just imposed an enormous challenge to the great artist when sponsoring this piece. It is impossible for a sculpture to even vaguely resemble my muse’s main features: her values and morals, her polished politeness and education, her beautiful kind heart, her infinite wisdom or her soft skin. We shall try nevertheless to do our best in this commendable endeavor. 

The sculpture shall be made in pink marble. Not a heavy and substantial pink, but a rather light and subtle tone. A marble that looks almost beige, but has those perfect stains and shades of pink when placed under the correct light.  And it will be carved in real size, with every millimeter accounted accurately. 

Her face. The most special face of all time. It won’t be easy to sculpture it. It needs to have a very strong nose, portraying her fierceness. She will be smiling, perfectly and beautifully, in order to reflect her tenderness and generosity towards other people. The combination of the nose and smile will define her paradoxical nature of power and kindness. Her eyes, instead of inexistant like the old sculptures, will be made of a single diamond in the center, surrounded by several smaller pink diamonds, to match the marble.

Her body. That’s an incomparable feat of God. I asked the artist to cover her up with a towel, imagining she just got out of a cold shower. Miss Charlotte’s sculpture will be covered from above her breasts all the way down to the beginning of her thighs. Her shoulders and lower neck will show her light weight and slim body, for her bones are slightly visible. From then on, she is mine to admire in person only. It will be possible, however, to distinguish her perfectly shaped breasts and all her curves. Here the artist will have to excel his own self, for Miss Charlotte’s body has a flawless shape, proportionate in every standard. The legs will be long, showing her skin, which is smooth, soft, firm, and just amazingly beautiful. 

To complete the sculpture and make it a piece of art, it shall be standing up, in a steady posture, with her head looking straight and proud, but her hands dropped lightly and without effort, facing outwards. This position will resemble her in real life and fill the sculpture with a soul. As I mentioned earlier, she’s a person who knows right from wrong, is always polite and gracious, willing to assert herself with every inch of sophistication and finesse in the hardest situations imaginable. But at the same time she is light as a feather and listens to others with honesty and curiosity. She’s flexible, and of course, very forgiving and extremely kind. Miss Charlotte is both sensitive and elegant; both naive and wise; both gentle and strong. She’s both a princess and a queen at the same time. 

I understand this is a “doom to fail” attempt only to remind us of Miss Charlotte’s traits, because the real Miss Charlotte is unbeatable in every way, and is much much more than a piece of carved stone. Nonetheless, a unique, exquisite, new and beautiful sculpture it shall be. The best in every form and time. 

Unfortunately for everyone but myself, this masterpiece of art will be for her and my eyes only. At least for now, because who knows, maybe a century from today my muse’ sculpture will be displayed in the main court of a museum, as the woman who revolutionized beauty forever. The new Venus. 

Mr. George 

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