A Bear Called Paddington by Michael Bond   


Like a lot of children, I also read Paddington when I was a little kid. I remember my mother used to encourage me to read Paddington, since I was able to read by myself at that time already. After watching the new movie Paddington, released on Netflix last month, I decided to read the book again. The movie was a delight to watch, and it made me curious to remember if the book was such a treat also.

And indeed a treat it was, even better than the movie.

For those who were not that fortunate to have read Paddington, he is a little bear that left his home in Darkest Peru and went to find a new life in London. The Brown family accidentally found him in Paddington station, named him Paddington as you can imagine, and welcomed him into their home. From then on you read about Paddington´s adventures in the sea, in the market, learning to paint, etc…

It´s a pleasure to read Paddington´s adventures mainly because of his character. He is a very polite bear, which lifts his hat every time someone greets him. He is very naïve, in a cute and childish way. If you make a joke he will always get it literally and even get scared if it’s a bad one. He is funny in his own way, always getting himself involuntarily in the worst and most comic situations. Besides those traits, he is also smart; he learns quickly the way of humans and is always looking to experience new adventures.

A Bear Called Paddington is a very witty book. Just as the movie, it is delightful. A lift spirit kind of read, that takes you back to the best times of your childhood, when you were unafraid and open to everything and everyone the world put in your way.

Every child as well as adults must read Paddington, for it´s joyful, entertaining and reminds you there are a bunch of lessons to learn from a child´s mind (a little bear in this case). To go a bit deeper on the analysis, maybe even pushing it a little, it humbles you to acknowledge a good heart, and how adventure and happiness are in the simple events of life.

But don´t read it for the deep stuff, that´s just me, read it because it´s a most refreshing and enjoyable experience.

Mr.  George

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