About Miss Charlotte´s Dining Experience

We are now at Chapter 3 of Miss Charlotte´s features, if we may call them features, because it would surely be an understatement. Let´s call them Miss Charlotte´s incredible traits, most elegant manners and most beautiful attributes.

I struggled too much to find a topic which I could properly describe Miss Charlotte´s best characteristics. I ended up choosing to share with you the fine and marvelous experience of dining with such beauty.

Once dining with Miss Charlotte, all other dinners become obsolete and boring. It really is a privilege to share a meal with the most coveted lady of our era.

First, Miss Charlotte enters the restaurant´s main room. You feel time has stopped. People go quiet. All eyes turn to the lady that just walked in, and in turn, nobody can believe their eyes. Miss Charlotte always looks stunning and gorgeous when going for dinner. (Well, not only when going for dinner, for breakfast and lunch too). She has the ability to attract every single person´s attention in the room. It´s as if the Moon itself has come down from the sky to illuminate us from a much closer distance. Always beautifully dressed, elegant in all ways, not too fancy but perfectly adequate. Everything she dresses makes her body flawless. I guess it´s the opposite actually, her flawless body fits perfect in any outfit she chooses. And she chooses with exquisiteness every time.

When she sits down to dine, I, personally, feel like the luckiest man alive. For such a magnificent lady to share a meal with me is one of the best experiences any man can have in a lifetime. Not that I think little of myself, but Miss Charlotte really is a rare and precious jewel.

When the food arrives, that´s the moment you can really see the royalty inside her. She eats only a bit, and paces herself from beginning to end. Her posture never fails, not for a second. Her manners are magnificent; like the real Duchess she is. Miss Charlotte knows exactly when to chew, when to eat, when to talk. I can´t take my eyes of her during the whole time. She dazzles me and every person sitting down in that room. An extremely important point to realize here is that all her gorgeous manners and actions, her beauty, her elegance, are completely effortless. Miss Charlotte is a natural. She´s the real thing, alive. It´s really unbelievable.

At the moment I pay the bill, again all eyes turn to her . The restaurant goes quiet. And when she steps out of the room, it feels as if the Sun has just left us to ourselves once again.

Mr. George

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